Use the following link to help you with this assignment.

Power Words

In a slidedeck choose 10 words that interest you.  

  • Type one word per slide.
  • Define the word so that  you understand it
  • Use the word in a sentence
Next do a google image search for a picture that helps explain your sentence.
Make sure the image is legal to use.
After your word slide use this image as a background on a new slide.

More to follow

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These are my Knock Knock Jokes.
                                           - Keaghan Horbas
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In my Space Invaders Game

  • My base ship moves left and right with the left and right keys
  • Bullet is fired with space bar
  • The alien moves left and right and gradually moves downwards

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Watch the following video and use it to guide you through your next steps in creating a Pong Game. We have started and have done many of the steps in this video.

Tips in watching the video:

  • When you get to a new part watch it over and over again. It takes at least 3 tries to fully move onto the next step.
  • Preview and test your game often.  Make sure it is doing the same thing as the Video.
  • Do not be afraid to delete the changes you have made, and start the step over again.
Be sure to save your game before you log off.  It should be on your U-drive.

See how far you get today.


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